1. All decisions made by the organisers are final and will not be reviewed.
  2. Successful applicants will be notified asap.
  3. Applicants agree that the details supplied, the images supplied and images taken at the event can be used to publicise and promote this and future events.
  4. A backline will not be supplied.
  5. You must supply all your own equipment.
  6. A sound engineer will be supplied for acts on stages.
  7. Set times will vary depending on the number of applicants and types of performances.
  8. Set times will be confirmed prior to the event.
  9. Performers must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their performance time to meet the sound engineer.
  10. Vehicles are not permitted Semaphore Road and performers must allow enough time to find parking near the event.
  11. The Semaphore Street Fair requires all performers to be drug and alcohol free. Any performers found to be in possession or under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be unable to perform and will be asked to leave.
  12. Bands must provide the organisers with a running sheet of songs to be performed. If the material presented is not original, the original artist must be acknowledged on the stage.
  13. Organisers take no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged equipment.
  14. Performances may be recorded and photographed. These recordings and photographs will only be used for promotion and not sold for profit.
  15. The Semaphore Mainstreet Association and their contractors are not responsible for any losses or injuries that may occur as a direct or indirect result of participation at the event.